TAW Gaming Community LFM!! ^_^

The Art of Warfare (TAW) gaming community is looking for more players that want to be part of something bigger then a bunch of house buddies out in the wild.

-We are over 2,400 members strong in our ranks across more then 25 games!

-We have often been sponsored by devs of other games and often are given beta keys

-As a TAW member you have across to all the guilds that we play games in!

-We have structure and play to have fun first and make it enjoyable for all!

-We run a Teamspeak server that is on the top 10 for gaming chat servers

-We run our own rust server and have weekly events as well as prizes

SIGN UP TODAY! ITS FREE! (if anything youll get free stuff)


Please download teamspeak we use it quite often

Play hard! -Cocoa

Ps- please email me at Cocoa@taw.net for any questions