Taxi Driver killing His Passengers


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Dude …I love it :open_mouth:

thanks i just got into green/blue screening so im not that great

dude its looks fantastic!

Yeah, it’s great. No blue screen artifacts at all. Good smoke, motion blur, blood & skin bits. The muzzleflash is a tad excessive but whatever.

Only thing that really catches my eye is the leather seat texture. The lighting of the actual leather texture itself appears to be reversed horizontally.

Well if you do not pay…

Excellent blue screen use.

That came to mind when I saw this.

yea and they didnt pay LoL

Someone’s seen one of my threads lately. :smug:
but I don’t think he killed any passengers in the movie, just the-yeah I’ll stop before spoilers-

Would look better if the driver was still IN the taxi when he started shooting, but oh well.

Not bad.

cool editing

I love how what looks like A COP in the background is COMPLETELY ignoring the shooting.

Why do I think on Pulp Fiction when I see this?

Apart from really flat texturing and some weird shading/isolation issues, this is awesome. The blood is great.

Dude this is fucking awesome!

Awesome Man, do you Use Photoshop?

yes sir

“I want my fucking dollar!”