Taxi Driver playermodel?

This request is asking for a reskin of the citizen dude on the GMod Main Menu, turned into a playermodel.

to become Travis Bickle, hero/vigilante of the film Taxi Driver.

full outfit


also, his mohawk goes all the way down his head to the neck. would be awesome yes. kthnxbai.

I’d like that very much, I really wanna see this thread go somewhere!

Did you have to quote the entire first post?

Anyway, yeh i would like to see this too.

Having Travis Bickle in Garry’s Mod would be pretty cool; I doubt it will ever be done though :confused:

Sorry about that, I forgot to get rid of the quote in the first place!

hopefully some skinner/modeler will see this thread and see taxi driver at the same time…

Oh, shi—Travis Bickle…

For once, something that the male_07 would be good for.

damn, too bad nobody’s taken it up. i would but i don’t know how to skin.