Taxi Driver

Thread Music.

It’s Travis Bickle V:v:V



The hair looks good, but funny.

He looks like a heroin addict.

Great movie. I thank you for reminding me about it.

Oh my god, I love your poses. Taxi Driver is one of my favorite movies and this is one of my favorite poses! (:

He was turbo pale in the movie though.

There’s a hamster on his head O.o

Seriously, it looks like the back side of a hamster XD good edit and all, but makes me think it’s a hamster

I made 3 different attempts at the hair. :smith:

I love it like a fat child loves a hamburger in and/or around the mouth.

You lookin’ at me?.. Well there’s no one else here so you must be lookin’ at me.

Damn good movie and a rather good, authentic pose.

Is he going to shoot the banisters? Nice picture.

Image isn’t showing.

It does for me. Anyway, really cool editing on the dude.

I wouldn’t know why, it’s still working for me.