TBC'S Remastered Drugs

My new remastered drugs isn’t much different to the plain durgz/drugz mod. But I got tired of the plain ones, so I made my own skins. If you look , in game, the beer has the Foster’s logo on. The shrooms may or may not have worked, the cigarettes are ghost buster brand, custom skin by me (obviously) .




Original mod creators and volunteers. Ipha, Jaanus, Kathar, Shiban.
Editor: Thebluecrusader

Please download these, I hope you think they are good, thanks for reading.

Are they hexed? Meaning they don’t replace the original models?

I believe so, try them out. I can’t guarantee it, because I don’t have both versions, Only mine.

Could we have more pictures than of an empty cig box?

^ Well, download them I haven’t took other pics, the beer is fosters beer, the shrooms are supposed to be blue, but they might not work (shroom recolor) the aspirin is a bit changed, and weed is slightly edited.