[TBL] Rust++|PvP|Sleepers|Doorsharing| Active admins| Wiped 27/1 New quality server! READ FOR MORE INFO

Hi everyone
This server is fairly new, but has already hit up to 20 people at a time, but we would very much like you rusters to come and play if you are looking for a genuine server without any form of lag, no unexpected downtimes, No hacking at all, no griefing, and no verbal hostilities. We could use a hand in getting the server more populated, so if you want to come on the server and check it out, or know anyone who does, please do tell them to have a look at it. Everything helps.

We have events at times, such as:
Airdrop event (1-8 airdrops are going to be filling the skies with goodies. But this event does not occur too often.)
Convoy/patrol event (Some of us from the event team are going to put on various gear and items that you might like, and run around the map, but the route is going to be the road that goes around the map. It gives chances for ambushes or finding the event/patrol)
Attack the castle event (This is a “discussed” event we might be handing out. The general idea of the event is that anyone is allowed to attack the castle that will be built by an admin, and then people may test their luck. There will be good loot, so it’s worth it)

We have a couple of rules, some of them have already been mentioned.

  • No hacking, glitching, or cheating.
  • No griefing! (placing new house parts inside of a already built house. Doors are allowed though)
  • We do not tolerate verbal abuse.
  • English in chat is preferred, please dont spam the chat with your own language, let everyone in on the conversation.
  • If a person is very suspicious or seems to have an obvious hack, please do pm an admin or mention it once in chat, dont spam it and make a discussion out of it.

If you want to give the server a try, here is the ip: ** net.connect **

Thank you very much for your time!

  • The Black Lotus
  • Niclassen (Administrator,Event team crewmember)