Tb's duplicator cannot decode file while online... HELP!

Hi, I’ve made a really nice car in single player. As you probably know, advanced duplicator gives saggy welds. TB’s duplicator doesn’t give these saggy welds and clones the original model.

Anyway, I saved my car with TB’s duplicator and it works fine in single player, including loading the car file on a new save. The problem comes about when I go onto any server… TB’s duplicator works fine on the server if the contraption was created on the server, but when I upload any file to the server it goes into the menu as normal, but if it try and open the file from the menu it will say DUPLICATOR: ERROR cannot decode file! or something along the line to that.

Does anyone know how to fix this or why it is happening? thanks

Did this just recently start occurring?

All I can tell you, is to wait this month for the new one.

yeah because i only recently got the duplicator :stuck_out_tongue: it has never worked online so far

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Ah alright, so do you know this error? my car used: weights, wire hydraulics, wire e2, axis, smart constraints, and normal welds, and thats all… just incase that helps u :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I do, it has something to do with the uploading screwing it up. I’ve completely started over on a new one like a year ago, which is set for release this month. It’s a thousand times better.