TB's Nazi Zombies


I have been working on all of this by myself for awhile, it is progressing.

**Video annotations are working now (:**



Finished Perk-a-Cola machines, just gives you the perk. No bottles yet. I think I might make it play the jaunty little tunes when you buy one, what do ya’ll think?
Info text layer is now working


[li]Point System- Used to buy guns, open random box, and open doors. Kill zombies and repair barriers to get points.[/li][li]Barricades- Zombies spawn behind barricades and knock them down, it’s up to you to repair them.[/li][li]Weapon System- You can only hold 2 weapon and switch between them.[/li][li]Gun Buying- It costs points to acquire guns. You can find guns on the wall at a cost; which ever gun you have out gets replaced.[/li][li]Random Box- Cost a higher amount of points, but you can get weapons that are not on the walls.[/li][li]Zombies- Zombies set out for a barrier and destroy it, then they come after you.[/li][li]Downed- When you get so many times you get downed. You have so much time to be downed until your dead. You can be revived by team mates.[/li][li]Reviving- You can go up to downed team mates and revive them; It takes time though, so they’ll need to cover you.[/li][li]Weapon Aiming- Weapon aiming very similar to the real Nazi Zombies.[/li][/ul]

Power Ups: There are 5 Perks which last for a limited amount of time(Insta Kill, Carpenter, Max Ammo, Nuke, and Double Points)[ul]
[li]Insta Kill- Kill zombies with one hit.[/li][li]Carpenter- Repairs all barriers.[/li][li]Max Ammo- Replenishes everyone’s ammo.[/li][li]Nuke- Destroys all currently spawned zombies.[/li][li]Double Points- Anything you earn points for the amount is doubled.[/li][/ul]

Perks: There are 4 Perks. (Juggernog, Speed Reload, Double Tap, Quick Revive)[ul]
[li]Juggernog- You can take more hits from zombies.[/li][li]Speed Reload- You reload faster than normal.[/li][li]Double Tap- You shoot faster than normal.(works for automatic, semi automatic, and bolt action)[/li][li]Quick Revive- Revive a downed partner faster.[/li][/ul]

Guns: Guns that I currently have scripted and models for.[ul]
[li]Knife, could use a new model though[/li][li]Grenade[/li][li]Colt[/li][li]Gewehr[/li][li]Kar98k[/li][li]Kar98k Sniper[/li][li]M1 Carbine[/li][li]M1 Garand[/li][li]Trench Gun - could use a new model[/li][li]B.A.R. - could use a new model[/li][li]STG 44[/li][li]FG42[/li][li]Type 100[/li][li]Thompson[/li][li]PPSH - could use a new model[/li][li]MP40[/li][li]Browning[/li][li]MG42[/li][li]Panzerschreck[/li][/ul]

Guns in Need:

[li].357 Magnum[/li][li]M1 Garand with grenade[/li][li]PTRS-41[/li][li]Double-Barreled Shotgun[/li][li]M2 Flamethrower[/li][li]Ray Gun[/li][li]Wunderwaffe DG-2[/li][li]Knife[/li][li]Bouncing Betty[/li][li]Monkey Bombs[/li][li]Molotov’s[/li][/ul]

Pack a Punch[ul]
[li]C-3000 b1at-ch35[/li][li].357 Plus 1 K1L-u[/li][li]Armageddon[/li][li]The Penetrator [/li][li]G115 Compressor [/li][li]Widdershins RC-1 [/li][li]M1000[/li][li]The Imploder [/li][li]Spatz-447 + [/li][li]The Afterburner [/li][li]The Reaper [/li][li]Gibs-O-Matic [/li][li]1001 Samurai’s [/li][li]The Widow Maker [/li][li]420 Impeller [/li][li]B115 Accelerator [/li][li]Barracuda FU-A11 [/li][li]24 Bore Long Range [/li][li]Gut Shot [/li][li]F1W Nitrogen Cooled[/li][li]Longinus [/li][li]Porter’s X2 Ray Gun [/li][li]Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ[/li][/ul]

AI is 98%
Weapons are 100%
Random box is 99%
Perks(juggernog etc…) are 100%
Zombie Powerups(Insta Kill etc…) are 100%
Point System is 100%
Falling Down is 100%
Reviving is 100%
Sounds are 90%
Rounds are 10%
Difficulty is 0%
Models are 50%
Weapon Changing is 100%
Gamemode funcitonality is 90%
The biggest thing to complete is finishing the map, once then it’s all down hill to a release.

Things To Do:
Finish the map.
Add more guns.
Finish the HUD.
Add a round system.
New animations and models.
Weapon Crosshair.
Add point adding animation.
Hell Hounds
Fix small bugs.

Current map I’m working on is Der Riese.

All of the things mentioned are currently working.

Anybody that want’s to provide help these are some things I could use.[ul]
[li]Mapping advice, by this I mean not just a statement that this should be done, but an explanation of how to do certain things such as lighting, effects, and logic.[/li][li]Models, I need WW2 gun models like the ones in Nazi Zombies.[/li][li]Animations, Zombie and weapon animations. Or some help on how to do them(Just on how to get started and make a simple basic animation I can learn from there).[/li][li]Ripped models.[/li][/ul]

Any help that is provided, you will be mentioned, it will help speed things up, and I would really appreciate it.

Nice! It looks better than all the other nazi zombie gamemodes.

As I said before. Excellent job. Now I just need Day of Defeat :stuck_out_tongue:

it improved now that power ups works but what about Pack a Punch guns?

I’m assuming you’ll have to have DoD to play this gamemode?
And nice work on the map, Der Riese is my favorite.

I used to be a Nazi Zombie Modder+Mapper before I found GMOD. I could see myself working on some maps for this :smiley:

Thanks guys.

I don’t think you will need DoD actually. I’m using some of Siminov’s weapon models, so it has a weapon pack. Shouldn’t need anything so far I believe.

In due time. There’s alot on my plate to finish :stuck_out_tongue:

His weapons require DoD, some do at least.

I’m not using his weapons, I said I’m using his weapon models. I’ve scripted 19 weapons so far and all of them use his models.

Ah okay, sorry I can’t read.

Sweet, I’ve been following your videos for a while. Awesome now that you set up a thread.

Are you going to change that HUD?

Dont mind me asking but are you using Hammer World Editor for the mapping?

He said it’s not done yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

No hes using Photoshop for the map.

then someone is going to have to tell me how that works… -TB- can you get me a vid or somthing? plz. i might be able to help you. hopefully…

Some melee weapons would be cool?
Quick knife like in COD at least and maybe axe or something?

He was being sarcastic, I used Hammer.

Did you even watch the video?

thought so… hehe i look so dumb right now

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and can u give me a downloadable map file i wana have a look see ya no mabyee add the tele’s or somthing … plz

I fixed the video annotations, they go on till the very end of the video.

I won’t be releasing the .vmf of Der Riese because I don’t want a bunch of modded versions of it floating around.