|TC| Fallout Faction Wars RP.

[release]Talon Company has opened up a server, which’s game mode is A Fallout 3 Faction wars type game. [/release]

[release]The main Concept of the gamemode is theres 3 fallout type factions, Brotherhood of steel, Raiders, And the enclave. Each faction has 3 classes. Shotgunner, Sniper, and Gunner. I think the Names speak for themselves. The purpose is trying to get people to act like a squad and such.[/release]

[release]The rules of the server are.
1.DO NOT Rdm the Wastelanders (citizens)
2.Dont Spam (Mic, Prop, and General Mingebagery.
3.The server uses NLR. (This rule may very)
4.No aimbot wire turrets that automaticly lock onto a player half the map away.
5.Admins are always right.
6.If you get muted but then unmuted STFU. (See rule 5.)
7.Have fun and be a team player.

[release]More pics to come[/release]

[release]The IP is[/release]

A modded DarkRP to look like Fallout. I suggest building a FalloutRP from scratch.

FalloutDARKRP. lolzie

Three Dog: “What the hell is going on down there? Revolution? Vacation? Somebody fart?”


Ahahaha, what the hell, nice elitism.

How can you RDM in a WAR based game?

If two factions are hostile to eachother, it would make sense to just shoot them.

Who was talking about RDMING? None of us except you.


Looks like a shit server to me.


if you think its so much shit then why reply. Try it you might like it.

I tried it, and i tried better servers.
Just saying.

still it a lolzz cauz you can’t judge a server you never been on…

Hmm might be true

Darkrp, This will be fun to kill people in :smiley: