TCAdmin Configuration Help with setting it up and whatnot.

Hello everyone, I just got a server that uses TCAdmin, and I’m not sure how to do a couple of things:

I get a ULX bug when making myself Superadmin, something about a scripthook just after I become superadmin, it looks like it’s denying changes to one of the ULX configuration files.

Also, with TCAdmin, I have no idea how to change the server gamemode, since the server CFG has no sv_gamemode I’m really confused when trying to change it.

That’s it for now but I may add more if I run into any more problems.

Thanks all

Question; why are you asking on facepunch, you should post a ticket on your serve provider.

Answer; add your own line in the cfg with sv_gamemode “nameofthegamemodfolder”

and for ULX, I have no idea.

Ok, thanks.

I think the ULX error was die to me having it in my addons when I was zipping them to go on the server