TCAdmin help

I need some help with TCAdmin, I have the config all setup, and when I create a server everything is copied into the proper location, but the server is not running. My default install is at C:\GameInstalls\orangebox\garrysmod


This is my file configs



Also, the server runs just fine when launched manually from the command prompt.

Move C:\GameInstalls\orangebox to C:\GameInstalls\GMOD\orangebox and edit the game template with the change.

Make sure that any server files in C:\GameInstalls also get moved to C:\GameInstalls\GMOD.

So it should be




This is what mine has.


I checked the server settings and its all pointed to the right spot, but I just tried runnin it from the desktop and im getting an engine error gotta fix that now -_-


a ton of models are apparently missing… wtf??



Uh, this would be better served in the TCadmin forums located here: or TCadmin’s tcket support: