TCE | The Cold Evolution DarkRP

Hello everyone ,

most of you think oh noo not another DarkRP Server.

Well yeah my friend and i are starting a DarkRP Server and its new and i went like most of you also through that crap with RDM , Minge etc.
Now i want to make a DarkRP Server thats not Super Serious and not Mingey.

I am the Co - Owner of the Server and want to advertise for the TCE Server here are some information about the Server.

Server Info :

Server Name :

TCE|The Cold Evolution Semi-Serious DarkRP

IP :

Gamemode :

DarkRP ( I am also running Garry Ware Two in few weeks)

Max.Players :



On (Not a Cracked Server)

Map :


Current Prop Limit for Players :


The Map that currently is running is RP_Downtown_V2
but i added to the server also RP_Downtown_V2_night and
RP_Downtown_V3 which i will also run in few weeks time.

Does Wire or PHX run on the Server ?

Yes ,on the Server runs Wire SVN / PHX SVN

Also Expression 2 but E2 is only allowed for Trusted Players.

Current Jobs :

All Default DarkRP SVN Jobs +

Custom Jobs :

DJ , Security Guard , Lawyer , Bartender , Drug Dealer

More Jobs coming soon i first want to see how its going with these.

Here are the Server Door Groups for specific Jobs

Door Groups :

Cops and Mayor only
Gun Dealers only
DJ only
Bartenders only
Hobo’s only

I hope you give the TCE Server a visit and tell other people about it i would appreciate that ^^.

We are looking for some serious and trustable Players that can handle the work as Admin.

Admin Requirements :
1 Week Play Time on Server to give us a view of you how you are and react.
Time can be shorter depends how you are reacting and handling.

Contact Me in Steam or Skype if you want to ask or tell me something
Contact Me also for Admin.



TCE Clanleader

Nice post. missing the most important part though - the IP

EDIT: Ok you got the IP now.