Tchernobyl-Pripyat model and texture

Hi i look for create pripyat and Tchernobyl npp in Fallout Nv i need all model and texture of building,npp,car,… of the “Zone” if any have link,model, or any other just post here.


Sure. Here is the link:

There are a tons of model extractors for stalker, which work fine.

thank you

I have problem i have GB for install the 3 stalker BUT i d’ont really want to install and extract all model of the three if you find just 3d model im happy i convert to nif and it’s good but the very hard diffcult is the Chernobyl NPP it’s a monster of metal and i want make games mods yes but i want the people who play my mod remember the liquidator the soldier the civilian and the new generation sacrifice for the “invisible enemy” war i want that.

i have found that:

Finally i have reinstall shadow of chernobyl and the extractor thank yo ufor help :slight_smile: