TCNO Soldiers moveing up

Sup FP. I did this pose when I was bored. Feel free to edit. Oh and TNCO is The New Combine Order. It’s basiclly that all the CP’s rebel’d againgst the other Combine and united to fight both Humans and Combines alike.


Posing in the first picture is alright from what I can see, but in the second the CP looks odd, I can’t really tell what he is doing. Oh and a question, what’s the point of rebelling against the combine and the rebels? CPs are humans too…

Yes but they where treated badly by the Combine and was hated by the “other” humans and they couldent take it anymore so they started to rebel. Thanks for the comment by the way

Lol, I just noticed the knife sticking through the rebels neck 30 sec after I saw the pic.

Hehe Finnaly someone notice it :smiley:

And what’s TCNO?

The New Combine Order
I do like the posing

Oh, he threw the knife!

Fuck i misspelled the title D: Can a mod change it to TNCO? xD

It was easy to see the knife. It’s so high-def, while everything else is low-def.

IS that a dagger in the second one?