TDM Bus Upload [Model Not Made By Me]

Most people have been looking for the TDM bus and can never find it without using a svn. Here you guys go.

TDM gets all credit for making the model of the bus.

You could have at least found and linked TDM’s steam account.

Why not just use the SVN? It’s so much better.

Many people do not know how to use the svn. Plus now all you need to do is press a button.

Because then you would have everyone joining the server crying about error models.

Wow, all four people been busy with copying files from svn repo into workshop addon.

They reminded me. Plus they did some tests to make sure it worked on all.

So since I use the SVN on my server and everyone else downloads the workshop they don’t get errors?

That and it’s like 20 files. FastDL that shit instead of taking something that isn’t yours to distribute. He also said not to reupload any of his content with out his permission.

Hard to get his permission when he doesnt answer 9% who asks him hmm??

So dont reupload without his permission? Its pretty simple.