TDM Cars engine sound broken :(

Hai, I don’t know where to post and I haven’t found anyone on google with the same issue nor in gmod. So basically, after the update some tdm cars that used to have engine sound don’t anymore. The only sound I can hear is when I back up, the rest is on mute for some reason, please fix this! Really annoying not to hear the engine sound. Btw, I tried uninstalling all the tdm cars addons and reinstalling them, didn’t work. I did a fresh install of garry’s mod, didn’t work. So please help me! D:

Ask on the TDM Cars thread

Don’t post here about problems with addons. You should be complaining in the actual addon’s thread.

Its broken because the Miles ASI is missing from Garry’s Mod.

Which would be caused by yetanother steampipe issue…

If someone still watching this topic…
The reason why you lost your sound at most cars from TDMCars :

  • Gmod doesn’t support any Mp3 sound file.
    To fix this issue :
  • Find an online music converter to convert all the sound that used in TDMCars. Info : From MP3 to Microsoft Wave Format.

Thank you for those who just fixed the issues.

They work for me because TDM uses .wav files. Not MP3.