TDM Seats [Passenger Mod]

Hello guys! Well i’ve seen alot of posts and stuff about TDM car seats, Well download:


If you got trouble with workshop send me a PM and i’ll give you a private DL link where you can put in addons!

**Features: **

  • HunkHorn
  • Seat Ejection
  • Anti Stuck System
  • Nearest seat finder
  • Lock/ Unlock seats
  • Hydraulic Support
    and more…

Console Commands:
Eject - Eject all passengers
Lock - Locks all seats
Unlock - Unlocks all seats

NOTE: Most cars got seats but the newest one wont have it!

Why I am making a theard about this?
- Due people is lazy and got no time to screah for this mod!

Are you allowed to post this addon on FacePunch?
- No, Honestly i dont give a fuck! :X

I got trouble with download!!
- Add my steam

All credit goes to the creator of this mod!

couldn’t you wait for VCmod?

Doesnt work with npc car dealer i think

The guy making vcmod has been devolping it for two years. So no

True only for Q menu. I will try to figure something out

You didn’t make this Ramsey.

Cmon, Dannyman.

He “doesn’t give a fuck!”

You’re a very naughty boy for releasing an addon that isn’t yours.

I give a fuck.
I just cant edit it each day because one guy has a problem with it.
Its very difficult to have a Community and being the Lua coder for it and have a seperat Workshop addon that needs to be edited every second, minute, hour, day or week.

You published it on Workshop, I Published it on Facepunch, if you want me to delete it then i’ll do it.

I’ll just hate all this fucking spam.

Considering Gmod 13 has only been out less than a year?

Are you serious? I just made VU Mod work. :frowning:
Thank a lot anyway.

If freemaann atleast released some sort of alpha build, I would wait. It’s just private in-dev addon as of now.

At least put the creators name in? GMN | ThaRealCamotrax - Creator of the mod.

Well it feels like that he has been taking his dam sweet the lol.

freemaann has been working on it for 2 years, but the wonderful gmod 13 update came out and he had to recode a lot of it so there was a huge delay from that

Ehm, he made the mod not in Gmod 13… He started in Gmod 12 I believe.

So thats why he’s developing for 2 years.

Yep, and at some point someone said that he fixed the Gmod 12 version for gmod 13. I was kinda hoping we’d at least get that for now: as for that, they’ve got their reasons and it’s best to wait patiently for the finalized, releasable product. Just avoid bugging freemmaann about it, it’ll be released when he’s finished with it and pestering him for a release date is a bit inappropriate since he’s voluntarily giving up his time towards this project, just so we can “Haz dem litez!” So please, give him some space and have fun with this passenger mod for now.

That’s my two cents.

I got trouble with workshop