TDMcars VS Scars


Everyone likes a different one. I noticed lots of RP etc use TDMcars. Now my question is why? TDMcars can’t even drive well imho or slide. If you try to make a powerslide the car just stops completely. On the other hand TDMcars look way better, and the detail and body tuning is fun (with bodygroup tool).

SCars drive like heaven. Except on low speeds they sometimes turn a bit weird, but they at least feel like a real car. Also the lightening, cruise control, multiple seats, radio, flip option etc is very handy.

Is it hard to put all the TDMcars into a pack so they can be used by the SCar system?

And which one do you prefer and why?

Most DarkRP servers probably simply use TDMCars because of tuning I assume. I would prefer TDM cars cause I usually go for interior exterior etc. But in PERP and things like that they mostly use Scars cause of the radio, so really, i think it depends what server I’m on thats using them.

Most RP gamemodes are cluttered messes, I’m not sure how well they’d work with Scars @ 40-60 players.

I’ve not really looked recently but Scars would most likely take a bit of a toll.

Adding some stuff to TDM is extremely easy, multiple seats, radio etc can all be added with a relatively small bit of lua. I actually put a fair bit of work into our TDM Cars but for some reason nobody likes the vehicles servers :confused:

Might have something to do with a 5 second lockpicking thief

Usually it takes a little longer to lockpick. In all honesty if you were going to steal a car and had some cash to replace a window, it would be easier to just break the window.

Unfortunately we live (Play) in the world of source and breakable windows on entities = not possible (Yet.).

It would be interesting though to have car alarms that go off if you lockpick a vehicle. (YES I know technically lockpicking would not (usually) cause the alarm to go off, but it would prevent people from wanting to pick as much.)

Hmmm, why isn’t breaking a window on an entity possible? I mean you can have a vehicle made of multiple entities that take damage such as scars with the wheels etc, so why not a fake window that vanishes as it takes damage with gibs that fall around it etc?

Didn’t think of that. I would suppose you could but you’d have issues with keeping the entities up to speed with the main car body plus perhaps collision issues.

Nope, plenty of things do that already. Car seats, lights, breakable wheels, car sirens etc etc.

It probably wouldn’t be easy though, you’d need to spend a while poking things and have models without any windows would help.