Tea (and stuff)

I made the tea cup model basically out of boredom yesterday and then just decided to make some more stuff to go along with it and here’s all of it. The models are really simple, mostly just reshaped boxes (I didn’t even model the teapot, it’s just a primitive from 3ds max) with some baked lighting on them, but the things they’re supposed to be are simple looking too, so I don’t see a problem in that.



This “pack” includes:
-A tea cup (includes bodygroups for making it empty, adding a plate under it and adding a tea bag in it)
-A plate to put the tea cup on
-A tea bag with the string extended (for dipping purposes)
-A tea bag with the string not extended (for other purposes)
-A tea spoon
-A tea pot

Use this http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=84666 for changing the bodygroups on the tea cup. I’m not going to fucking help if you completely ignore this part of the post and ask things like “hurr how does i make the teakup difrnt”.

Download link:

Now, my good chaps, how about a cup of tea, eh?

Oh cool, I’m gonna use this next time I have Gmod installed.

For some reason I feel incredibly British right now.

Simkas has gone english D:

Tea bag. huh huh.

I was struggling really hard not to put a teabagging joke in the OP.

Why not put it as tea pocket?

Hyehhhhhshhh. Good man. Sips his giganta-fucking-thon mug with one hand. breaking his wrist


Also the tea “rope” Is called a string(Or tag for the whole thing) And the “Plate” is a saucer.


And the tag-string thing is rarely used anymore, we just use spoons to get the bag out. I’ve never actually used the tea-string, i’ve just got it out with a spoon(Even chinese teas)

I find it much easier to use a bag with a tea-string, you can dip it more effectively.

Yeah general etiquette in my house is just to squeeze the teabag to fuck with a spoon to get all the sweet tea out.


oh god too much sugar in this cup gauuuh diabeetus

This will look awesome on my Werewolves poses.

lol is that a default tea pot from 3ds max?
Btw nice models. how many polyhons is the cups? Also do they have a simple collision model or not simple like you are able to put stuff into it.

Read the OP.

No clue what a polyhon is. But I don’t know the polycount.

It’s a basic collision model. I only modified it on a few models to make them stand up better.

I say, piss flavor tea is my favorite.

A primitive? More like the primitive. Every model I make is based exclusively on one or more teapots.

You should add some china print skins to make it, you know, jump out at the user. And strangle them. China style.

Mind if i skin it?

That’s weird, Storm in a Teacup just came on my iTunes.

Fun fact: The teapot has been used as a test of rendering systems since 1975. Seriously. It’s a good test of the basic functionality of any rendering system. It has smooth and hard edges, concavities, a hole to show self-shadowing/self-reflection, and it’s easy to tell when it isn’t rendered right.

And now you know.

3ds max teapot FTW!!

Makes me want a cup of tea now.


Suddenly this coffee tastes horrible.