Tea Fortress


Pretty self explanatory.

Seems pretty rushed.

How So?

Form the look at the jpeg quality.

You also didn’t use hwn models.

Sniper looks pissed

Well, I never though you had Facepunch aswell Gobo! ;L
Annnyway: Nice work, could do with some better lighting, but apart from that; great!

Could it be possible he is new to gmod and does not know how to access those features?

Well considering I’ve been on FP for 3.75 years now… (And on Gmod for 5)
Something tells me that’s not it.
But no I don’t know what hwm models are.
I thought he meant the improved ragdoll phy’ TF2 models, but these are they.

I will agree the lighting could have been better, I should done more with lamps.

Sniper is in fact pissed. He’s an Aussie being joked by an American for having Tea Time like a Brit’.
You’d be pissed to, me thinks.

No, he means HWM models, to find them, click browse in the gmod menus, go to team fortress 2 -> player -> HWM

That folder has ragdolls that were used in the Meet The Team videos, they are of much higher quaility.

Well I know how to browse through the menu for the models,
but I didn’t know there were high quality ones than the improved physics ones.
This may be useful in the future.

Happy scout is happy.

pinky out!