Teach me to RP

Hey guys, I know im in for a really really bad ass flame, but I’d just like to know, How do you RP?

I’ve been playing for a good 2 weeks, picked up the basics, and all the DMing.
Anyways, I’d like to know what RP is really about, and what you really need to do, im guessing just living. I RP with friends and we make houses, construct make it look good. Than we just sit around and walk around, like real life. I’m asking this because I’m making my own server, and I’d like it to be as good as possible. I’d also like to know what Mods I should use, and other things if you can. Thanks :smiley:


and this.

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1002245 D:

honestly, the best way to rp is DONT… Your better off without rp due to all the damn mingebags. This is why half the gmod community doesn’t play rp. I usually play just to annoy the mingebags. Hope this helps :wink:

Even if your making a server:

1:there are to many rp servers.
2:Be prepared to ban a lot of people.

I agree with cheese. More then 75% of the gmod servers is a RP server. So alot of minges will be joining. Be sure to get alot of trusted admins.

Awnser to the roleplay question:

There are some terms you should know.

OOC = Out of Character.
IC = In character.
Metagaming = Using OOC info for IC actions.
Powergaming = Abusing /me commands.

OOC, its the chat between players. Anything said in the OOC chat cant be used for roleplaying ingame. Since your talking outside your character. Like your steam chat.

IC, its the chat which you use to interact with other characters. You use this chat to roleplay.

Metagaming, its using info you got from any OOC chat which you use for In Game purposes.


Steam Chat/OOC chat
Player A: Where are you?
Player B: Im at the fountain.
Player A: Alright ill be right there.


Player A arrives
Player A: Sup
Player B: Nothin.

-End scene- :golfclap:

This is wrong because Player A used the steam chat or any other OOC chat to get information, which in this case is the location of a person.

The correct way

Player A calls Player B
Player B picks up the phone

Player A: Hey dude, wanna meet up some where?
Player B: Yea sure, come meet me at the fountain at <Insert name here>
Player A: Okay see you in a bit.

Player A hangs up

Powergaming, making /me actions which are supernatural or not real.

Player A shoots a bullet
Player B does a matrix trick dodging a bullet in mid-air

Player B just did a unrealistic action. Since dodging a bullet isnt something you can do for real. If you can, make a video and send it to me. So i can laugh.

I did this cuz im bored :awesomelon:

Hope you or someone else can learn from this.
And if the OP is a troll. Ima cry for typing this.


You technically COULD do that in real life. It would just be extremely difficult and unlikely.

Powergaming is forcing other players with /me’s without any chance for them to react in an other way then you posted in your /me. Somethign like that

Player A steps to the man
Player B attempts to hit player A
Player A DODGES the punch and HITs player B in balls, making him scream in pains and die slowly by whatever reason

But the true way to learn how to RP is go on a server with normal people and ask a guy in OOC chat to teach you. Good people can be found, someody will let you follow him and will explain you things.

LOL, i just notice i metagamed before :expressionless: wooops.

i do OOC meet me here blah blah sometimes. :expressionless:

Are you planning to use the new life rule? That will just make the rdm’ing even worse, I’ve seen in some cases the admin having to ban almost all the people on the server because of rdm’ing and breaking nlr.


Its not going to be easy finding good, trusted admins. Its possible that they might abuse their power, so you may need to keep a close eye on them.

Theres not gonna be any Aboose! Your being obtuse! I’m the one being Acute.

You sir, seriously fail at spelling. I have no idea what you said. Now, I’m going to have to get the grammar nazi.