Teach Me?

Can someone Help me and join in a server with me and teach me the ways of Garry’s Mod? I am having lots of trouble figuring out lots of different things in it and need a more hands on experience from someone who knows what they are doing.


I have a pretty basic Gmod hamachi server, and I could teach you some stuff if you wanted. :smile:

I would love that ha just message me on my youtube and we can set something up… my youtube username is JurassicPie haha

couldn’t he have just added you on Steam? :v:

You could try watching the tutorials for Garry’s Mod and its tools + features, JurassicPie, it’s pretty easy: Start up Garry’s Mod and wait for it to fully load, click on Tutorials, wait for it to load as well and watch the videos.

PS: I wonder when we’re going to get more tutorial videos other than just those three.

And don’t sign your comments as people can already see the username of the person who commented.