Team 2 Deployed + Bonus

Just some stuff C&C peeps

And here’s the bonus, just one of the many Speace Merheensss skins I’m working on, this is the Genesis Chapter.

Forgot to add these one “MY GOD THEY TOOK HER BRAIN!!!”

your space marine skin’s colors cover even the weathering and scratches on the metal, and that makes the armor look rather plastic-like. once my version is out you can slap the wear and tear layers on them

the first one has p. good colors

The contrast looks a little high on the first one though.

Also are those FBI guys wearing jumpsuits?

Cheers man, like I said they are just w.i.p’s, just testing them basicly.

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Well that was the idea, they are in a sunny country, just wanted the whole not to bright not to dark and wanted like a dusk setting, also them FBI guys, have no idea on that one, just what the models look like.

great job man

ooh how many head bodygroups are there for the space marine?, if you need any help with skinning i’m here too!

With the space marines I’d recommend making a scratched metal texture and using it as the detail for their armour.

I love the XCOM one, awesome stuff dude!

that would look like shit tbh

why bother anyway when you can just copypaste the original scratches onto the reskin

Those kooky aliens love brains, they don’t do the 'ol anal probe. I mean what how much info can you get from an anus?

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Well Wraithcats has 6 I think, but I don’t know how many Joazzz ones are going to have. But sure, I will keep ya informed on the skins.

What model did you use on for the corpse in the pic with the X-com?

Just some drunk who lives near my road. Nah its from the Mortal Kombat pack I believe.