Team Addon

I’ve got this idea for an addon… It basically allows players to create, join and edit teams. Then each team can place an entity to which players of the team will be immediatly teleported to when they spawn.

  • Admin can configure a lot of things, e.g. Max Teams, Auto-Balance Teams, Team Prop Protection.
  • Team Leaders, who can, if server settings allow, edit the team, manage members, place team spawns.
  • Voting for team leader

I’ve made a word doc. with better description etc.
(got no idea if something like this already exists, but I havent seen anything significant)

details begins here, not neccesary for people not interrested to read :slight_smile:

Teams Addon, creating teams and allowing players to join them with the use of an addon.
When you start a server with this addon, the server should have 1 team. ‘People’
The server admins can configure a few options in the Q-menu,
a new sidebar is required. “Team Addon”,
Within the sidebar are three sections, “Teams”, “Votes” and “Admin”

In the “Admin” section, admins can change a few server settings. Those are:
Maximum Teams (max teams in server)
Auto Balance Teams (checkbox, will teams be autobalanced?)
New Players Team (what team will new players start in? [random]/[select-team])
Team Prop Protection (all team members share prop protection?)
Friendly Fire (Team friendly fire?)
Allow ‘Maximum Members’ (allow admins and team leaders to configure max members for team)
Allow Team Leaders (allow team leaders to exist and get voted for)
Allow Kicking (allow people to get kicked out of teams)
Allow Kick Votes
Delete All Team Spawns (deletes all the team spawns)
Create Team Allowance: admin / respected / everyone (who is allowed to create teams)
Edit Teams Allowance: admin / team leader (who is allowed to edit and delete team)
Team Spawn Locating: admin / team leader (who is allowed to place team spawns)
Team Members Managing: admin / team leader (who is allowed to manage members)
Manage Team Members ----------------- pressing this will bring up a menu:
In this menu, you will see a list of all the players in the server with the team name next to the player name. Here you can select a player and:
Change players Team
Remove/Give Team Leader status

If (Edit Teams Allowance), (Team Spawn Location) and (Team Members Managing) are all set to ‘Admin’, then ‘Allow Team Leaders’ will be set to 0 and you can’t change it back.

In the “Teams” section, you can create, join, edit and delete teams.
There is a list with all current teams in the game. The list shows the Team’s name and how many members are in it. You can select a team by clicking on it in the list.
Below the team list will be a list showing the players in the selected team.
Below the player list, there are a few buttons:
Create, will ask for a name, then it will create the team.
Join, if the auto-balance allows, you will join the selected team.
Edit, if you’re admin or the correct team leader, the edit team menu will pop up.
Delete, if you’re admin or the correct team leader, the selected team will be deleted.
Place Team Spawn – look at end of post

Edit Team Menu:
Here you can change the team to your liking:
Maximum Members
There will be a list of players who are in the team, you can select a player and: –
Make Team Leader
There are also a few admin-only options –
Lock Team (prevents changes in this team’s menu by Team Leaders)
No Team Leader (removes Team Leader for this team)

Team Votes:
Every member in a team can vote for a few things.
Vote Team Leader (when there is no team leader and server allows team leaders)
A small menu will pop up, allowing you to select a player within your team and vote him as Team leader, you can’t vote yourself.
Become Team Leader (only works when you’re alone in the team)
Revoke Team Leader
Yes No vote will pop up. F3 is yes, F4 is no.
Kick Member
Yes No vote will pop up.
Once kicked, player will join the ‘new player team’

Entities – Team Spawn
If allowed, the admins and team leaders can set a Team Spawn for a team. Admins will place the spawn of which team they selected. Team Leaders will always spawn their own.

Basically, the Team Spawn should do:
On Player Spawn
If Team Spawn exists
X = team_spawn.x
Y = team_spawn.y
Z = team_spawn.z + 60

But then for the correct team. We don’t want Team 1 people to spawn at Team 2’s spawn locations

What you do to read this? You read trough the whole post, or you just scrolled down to bottum? =P
Anyhow, that’s the idea… I think it could be fun as an addon, because then you can combine it with a lot of gamemodes.

I would make it myself if I knew lua, and I think im gonna learn lua sometime soon. However, if anyone likes this idea and knows lua, feel free to use it =D