Team America

So i wanted to make a more 3d version of muslim massacre, but less “edgy” and more crazy-npc-battle oriented.

so i think i have the camera angles down pat, as well as the barebones npc’s and the weapon base.

completed SNPCs:

[ul][li]Suicide bomber[/li][li]Pistol terrorist[/li][li]Uzi terrorist[/li][li]AK47 terrorist[/li][li]RPG terrorist[/ul][/li]
my todo list:

[li]enemy suicide vehicles, just like in muslim massacre.[/li][li]cool powerups like summoning a helicopter to shoot rapemissiles.[/ul][/li]
post suggestions etc

~seacrest out~

Not bad. Nice job on this one.

how many muslims can I kill per minute?

All of them.

Do some custom textures better lighting in that map like HDR

perhaps an over the shoulder view would be better than a sky view

change the name, British troops probably find it insulting, first being shot at by Americans then being told that there not even in the war.

Perhaps make RMB on off-hand grenade or molotov cocktail? All the better for boosting the body count…

actually yeah, grenades were a huge part of muslim massacre so that would make sense.

Change your avatar.

They shoot me now. They are too accurate. I set their bullet damage to 1 and they still rape me.

Set it to 0.3 ? xD

But yo should add that when you hit a suicide bomber he --> BOOM!

-Cobra out-

Tell them to miss based on a random value. Also, make the crosshair lock onto nearby NPCs to improve player aiming (one of the serious issues with GTA was that you had a hard time shooting anything because you could never tell what you were shooting.) Also, add a player revival system for cooperation and shits and giggles.


And maybe a few special abilities. Like being able to activate a shield that covers you and a few allies every few minutes, and perhaps a healing wave.

I really don’t like my current crosshairs - i want it to be easier to hit people. Currently it’s spray-o-rama…

Lock-on would make it too easy… I need an alternative.

aim helper like they have in hl2 and the episodes

There’s an aim helper…? Got a video or something?

He means that the crosshair lightly gravitates towards targets. Also, how about a smaller crosshairs. That might help.

~ShaRose out~

A small update…

I got grenades working, i basically stole a bunch of shit from GTA since it was all nicely done already.

The suicide bombers also work now. They emit a beeping sound which i hopefully will find a good funny sound replacement for.

Next up on the todo list is suicide bomber trucks, rocket launcher jihad terrorists and some sort of other vehicular bad guy.

Use the alalaalalaa sound from Postal.

lazar crosshairs now! :smiley: