Team Buddies Gamemode

Do you remember this Guy ?

He was part of one badass game called Team Buddies. (PSX/PS1)

The Gamemode is pretty simple but really really tasty.

Basically it’s not much more than shooting down the enemy team(s).

But the special twist of this PSX-Masterpiece was the way, your Team Buddies, your
Weapons and your Vehicles are made.

Those things are made by stacking boxes, that are spawned mostly in the center of the map,
near your base on your building field.

Different positions and combinations of these boxes on the building-field result in different types of creations (Team Buddies, Weapons or Vehicles).

This might sound boring to some of you, but it’s pretty badass to play.

Gameplay demonstration:
View YouTUBE video


It would be really worth turning that into a GM-Gamemode ;D
I hope someone will try to do this.

Some more pix:

I can’t believe that no one wants to play this.