Team Captain

I’m not sure what’s going on.

You need to stop posting these horrendous videos here.

The video and sound quality is very poor and it all it is is a short random and pointless video of the soldier being an idiot.
Don’t try to copy rubberfruit and make your own style please.

I’m starting to think there should be a troll videos thread to go along with the troll poses thread. Videos like these seem best for it.

This dumb shit has gotten on my nerves so bloody much.

I see how it goes here,you post your randumb videos on Facepunch hoping to get good reviews and praises. Then,when everybody starts hating on it,you resort to plan B…deleting the evidence of the crime. That process has happened every time you posted here,if you knew this scenario was going to happen,why even bother posting it to Facepunch?

Stop making threads if you’re going to delete the video an hour later