Team Combat Framework: Replacement for Serious RP DarkRP Edits

Ever noticed how all Serious RP servers use DarkRP? Notice how they have shittons of rules and admins to get around using DarkRP? Notice how they don’t use 99% of the features DarkRP offers? Notice how they often don’t supply enough gameplay to be worth spending time on, nor incentives to come back that aren’t “you get to boss people around/donate to us”?

I did, and so did the other coder on this project. So, we spent some time developing the Team Combat Framework, designed to replace DarkRP on the SeriousRP servers, as they don’t use any of DarkRP’s features and suffer as a result of trying to use DarkRP as a base for a team based combat gamemode.

It features:

  1. A two team setup with friendly fire and bodyblocking fixed for you! No need to have admins regulate it.
  2. 5 gamemodes players can vote on using tickets gathered from winning rounds!
  3. A loadout system with leveling support, players can unlock new weapons by leveling up and playing the game!
    And the most important of all,
  4. Retheme the gamemode to just about anything you want by just editing the shared.lua file’s helpfully commented Config variables. Want to do Hogwarts with Death Eaters on one side and Students on the other? Or how about a bash between Super Mutants and Raiders in the Wasteland? Anything is possible!

Other tidbits for the more developer minded of you:

  1. A robust voice acting system for experienced developers and VAs to implement, with pre-built support for a voice command menu using V, alongside context sensitive voice cues.
  2. Easy to work with Gamemode system, allowing you to add your own gamemodes if you know what you’re doing!
  3. Supports any weapon base, including homebrews! Use whatever guns you want!

By default, the game is set up themed for the American Revolutionary War, utilizing various workshop assets, including example weapons built on the TFA base, VGUI work done by Senpai Noodles, and voice acting done by Spicy. Here’s some screenshots!
Making new screenshots as the assets have changed

The best part about all of this, is it’s free open source software under the AGPL v3 license!
You can find the source code here, feel free to fork and/or send in pull requests:

American Revolutionary War is effectively the test case proof-of-concept for the framework.
To run it, you will need to ensure you have the following collection for assets:

Without them, you’re going to run into some problems.

Also, as I have not learned how to do hammer entities from LUA yet, you’re going to need to run it with the following maps if you’re using a vanilla installation and have not updated the vector locations(it’s sloppy and I hate it as much as you guys hate it too):

Thanks for checking this out, it’s been fun working on this project, and I hope you guys enjoy using it as much as we did making it!

I’ve got a proof of concept test server up at the following IP until the 22nd of December, if you want to come check it out.
Server is down for now while I fix the assets.

Nice release! I went on one of those MilitaryRPs that is based around DarkRP one time… Terrible, terrible things that my mind will never forget.

Glad to see it released. And it’s not trash either <3

This is a step in the right direction, maybe DarkRP as base for other gamemodes won’t happen so often.

When he says “VGUI work by senpai” He means I created 70% gamemode and already had the base of everything made. We then worked together on the project until he had revoked my access.It seems he is now posting it as his own project instead of a co-effort without consulting me at all. I am truly disappointed. I do hope as always that people do find this useful in creating fresh content for the community.

very good game, the ui design is the best part

I revoked your access after you logged into the FTP (on my server I purchased from GMC) overnight, deleted game mode files, and told me you were “done”. I have the logs for this from the GMC server host. I informed you I was going to be releasing the game mode and that your name would still be on it, as was the plan from the beginning, as you still did a shitton of work. Feel free to check the GitHub that still lists you as a main developer.

I’m not so sure how to feel about this, either way it should be a joint decision on releasing the gamemode… But I wont get involved.

I’ve since removed your visual assets you requested to have removed from the release, alongside the plugins system you requested the removal of.

can’t you guys just put aside your petty differences and ego wars and release the whole thing?

It is fully released, check the github. I simply swapped out the assets for my own versions. Everything’s functional, if you’d like any help setting it up feel free to contact me.

DarkRP has so much momentum now, that people equate roleplay in gmod with DarkRP - some people even think Gmod IS DarkRP.

Because of that mindshare, a large percentage of servers will subconsciously end up using DarkRP as their gamemode base, regardless of whether there is something better around.

This is a shame, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the case, since that’s how people behave. Just look at how many people use Windows.



i think i might be too stupid to follow the instructions.
on ARW the game doesnt even start and on vietnam all i get are errors.

it hasn’t been updated since 2 weeks ago
i think the december update might have messed something up

I haven’t updated for the December update. Could you paste in the errors you’re getting

[editline]20th December 2016[/editline]

Also, I’m away from home on business, I’ll be back to update on the 27th. In the mean time contact me via Steam and I can try to help with errors that way.

can i add more teams or is it only limited to 2?

I was going to make the next big update be multiple teams, but right now it’s only two teams.