Team Deathmatch, Anyone?

Hello, this is not a thread trying to support a server, which may have been implied by the fact only one or two Team Deathmatch servers ever have people on. I feel this is one of the best modes in Gmod, as it implies a gun game sort of feel, and although gun game is already a gamemode, this is special to me for several reasons. First, it gives you reserves of cash. Wait, who wants reserves of cash? If you can’t use it, why have it? The reason this is special to me is because there will be times you unlock many weapons you may want, but always have the cash for. This game spits out money. This is saddening though too, as you don’t have anything to spend it on for most of the game. However, for those who are new to the gamemode, or not very good, you can still always feel good at anytime in the game. Second, the weapons. The weapons in this game give quite the experience of joy. Who doesn’t want to get a one shot kill with a Raging Bull? Or grenade triple kills? In anyway, you can’t deny that feeling of an epic kill. Three, by far my most hated, but vital aspect of the game I have encountered, spawn protection. I constantly catch myself dead in the middle of a killstreak because I incidentally kill people spawning. This, it just kills me. I want to live, be free. Can’t we all enjoy the feeling of murdering innocent people? I can. But spawn protection just stops it all in its tracks. It rarely benefits me, as not many people are close to your spawn when you spawn. There is no dynamic spawning, where certain objectives being achieved move the spawns, like in TF2. This is important nonetheless. In short, this gamemode is a hidden relic, with only about 30 people on it at anyone time, but is still worth a couple hours of your weekly time.

this is basically an advertisement

Your observational skills continue to impress.

i love the part where its an advertisement without mentioning the name of the server anywhere or giving out its IP

why not go to darkrp, its the same stuff

Did you feed chinese into google translate to spit out english or something. It’s not quite a wall of text but it’s pretty unreadable but w/e. A war gamemode would be pretty cool but I’d rather it have more objectives and extra stuff such as vehicles and building, building could just function somewhat like the sapper in mount and blade napoleonic wars.

thanks :downs:

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there’s only one community hosting “team deathmatch” servers lol

one community, but about 4 servers up for it, although only one or two ever have people on.