Team deathmatch

Is there any gamemode which which is like Css team deathmatch I.E 2 teams no respawning. Because I want to make a map but I want it to be specific for this gamemode.

You want to make a map specifically for a game of which you have no particular knowledge of its existence?

Sounds like you should just make a CSS map.

Yeah I was toying with making a css map but then I decided that you could not have vehicles on css so I decided against it. Because the map I want to make needs vehicles

Well, just make the map you wanna make, dick around with it in gmod for fun, and post it in maps, so if anybody wants to use it they can.


I’m making a similar Gamemode, but when a player dies they join the Combine Team.

Oh like zombie survival except with combine.

You guys should work together.

Well aren’t you just the optimistic one? :v:


And both Teams have Guns.

So it’s like a nice game of blob.


old school pys ed game,