Team Fortress 2 and spawnmenu.utilities_tab

So i have had tf2 for a long time and steam doesn’t say that i have it and i want to spawn in tf2 items. This is just one of the 2 problems i have. The other one, which is absolutely irritating, is that instead of utilites tab i have spawnmenu.utilities_tab and everything in there says the same thing. I have tried reinstalling the game but that did not fix anything. I got the spawnmenu thing randomly and the tf2 thing has been going on since have gotten tf2.

Please help me and others!

You’ll need to download TF2 through Steam in order to mount it and get its models.
Don’t worry about the Utilities tab, it’ll be fixed in the next update.

Thank you, but i don’t understand what you mean by download tf2 from steam. How do you think i got it in the first place? and do you by any chance know when the next update will be?

You said “Steam doesn’t say you have it”. So, naturally, I assumed that you have non-steam version or something. Explain your situation better if you need further help.

About the update, it’ll come when it comes, probably this month.

What i mean is that when i click the games dropdown in garrys mod it does not have team fortress 2.

Can you take a screenshot of what the icon is next to TF2 in the mount menu/“games dropdown?”

Also, make sure you have TF2 up to date and launch it at least once.