Team Fortress 2 : Blutarch and Redmond Mann

I see there are some models from team fortress 2 like : the administrator,Miss Pauling,Saxton Hale and The Director soo i wan’t to know if someone can make Blutarch and Redmond, the Blue and Red owners of Blu and Red Teams

This should be fairly easy, most of the geometry could be stolen from the Spy.

and only one model the rest is only textures

And there needs to be old versions as well, like in the “Loose Canon” comic. You know, with the life-extending machine?

Retex Spy + Retex Bowler hat

It’s not that easy.

Because the Spy has the exact same face as Redmon, right?

Those pictures of Blutarch and Redmond make great reaction images.

well I could do that unless anyone would start making the model. I just need to finish other pack.