Team Fortress 2 - Cp_StarDestroyer

Here’s a WIP map that i’m currently working on with my friend Greef, we’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time… I would like some tips on where to go from here, really.


Maybe playtest it? >.>

I have been playtesting it, I just need more ideas on what to add to it

Well, the hanger area would make an interesting arena map.

I do think all the moving elevators are a problem. They cause great delays in moving around. I suggest stairs.


Plus, in an online game, they may cause lag, due to sending extra information over the network.

Definitely replace the elevators with stairs like Sweet said.

Also, brighten it up a bit. It’s pretty poorly lit.

Could have done with less inappropriate music. And a better art style. It just looks out of place, not TF2-y enough.

It also looks like a Death Star bay. As you may recall, ISD bays look like this:

It looks okay, could use more rooms, maybe some smaller rooms with computers or something.
And maybe you could do something with the textures to make them fit TF2 a little better?

And wow, did you really find a hat while you were making a video about the map?

yes I found a hat. very strange, but it all works out fine with me. And i’ll try to do something about the textures, but i’m not sure. About smaller rooms, I plan on doing that because obviously TF2 does not work well with wide open areas.

Whaaat, I was just thinking about a Tf2 map in space.
Looks cool.

Might wanna stop the whole control panel thing from moving whne you press it.

it doesn’t move now, that was just a silly mistake.