Team Fortress 2 - Dm_contestedsupplies

Hello. I’ve been working on a map for a while now, and I think it’s ready for a show off.

The Idea of the Map.

Basically, there is a RED and a BLU base, and a control point in the middle, but. You dont win by capturing the point, instead, the team that controls the point, controls the re-supply room on the controling teams side, so they get a pretty large advantage by holding the point. (Now you see the name of the map.)

Here are a wall of images:
(Constructive Critism is welcome.)

Tell me what you think of the map. Maybe anything should be Changed/Added/Removed?

It looks okay, but there’s quite a lot of visual noise, even for a control point area. Kinda reminded me of the tf2 prophunt map around the cp. Try reducing the props around the control point, or change the lighting to be more contrasting, which may help reduce the noise itself.

All you did to create the second side of the map was select everything you’d done on one side, then copy/pasted it and rotated it 180 degrees, right?

Yeah, much faster than make everything by hand. Besides, i want everything to be fair so the bases are exactly the same.

Except the lightning, how does the rest of the map looks like? Good detail? Stuff like that.

Seems like a horrible gameplay mode.

So… You win by forcing your way into the CP, owning it and then owning a spawnroom that’s closer? That’s a horrid idea that just encourages an even FURTHER steamroll.

And there’s still no winning conditions.

Lighting looks like shit. It’s pratically a bright version of fullbright. There is zero contrast and looks bad.

Props are just spammed everywhere. You’ve overdetailed like hell. Some other comments from TF2Maps.

You can’t win at all, it’s a DeathMatch map you know. It’s not a respawn room, you spawn in the same area as normal, only you got access to a quicker method to resupply in the field.

I must say you could have said it in a nicer way, if you are here just to bitch around, you can leave. Or you can be positive and leave constructive critism.

Why the fuck would you take a game designed for teamplay and degrade it into pointless slaughter?

You can take it or leave it I don’t really care either way.

  1. It’s a DeathMatch gamemode, Take HL2DM for example, that doesnt have any goal, yet it’s fun, in my opinion.

  2. It’s obvious that you dont care and are just here to bitch. So you can leave now, Lord Troll.

HL2DM: What’s in the name? Deathmatch.
TF2: What’s in the name? TEAM->Teamwork

I obviously do care or I wouldn’t have wasted my time posting.

There’s a difference between being blunt and bitching, Lord Ned knows what he’s on about as well, you’d be best to heed his advice.

Thats up to me.

Then it’s clear you’ll never become a decent mapper. Lord Ned didn’t get to the level he’s at by bitching at the people giving him good advice.