Team Fortress 2 door question

Hello. As a newcomer to mapping I wondered how to make those glass doors that are on most of the Team Fortress 2 maps.
When I looked around I didn’t see it as a prop on the world model view, although I looked through all the ‘door’ ‘base’ and a few other filters.
I started searching. I didn’t find any good tutorials, just moving brush tutorials, which is not what I want.
So if there’s a world model, a tutorial or anything like that I’ve overlooked please inform me.
If not I request someone reply to me with a small tutorial. I’d appreciate it. :smile:


EDIT: While I’m at it I might add that I wonder how to add a catwalk to the game, if it’s done differently then by using brushes.

There’s one model which is only the handles of the glass door. Everything else is made with brushes.

And what might it be named?

props_2fort\flag_room_glass_door_frame.mdl … but that model is not made for moving door because it covers two doors and the surrounding glass. I suggest you to take a look at the ctf_turbine doors and recreate them. :wink:

Stop signing your posts. Das. :butt: