Team Fortress 2 Drama - Demoman's Guilt Part 1

“The demoman has done something unforgivable, and has been driven to drinking his troubles away (even worse than usual that is)…”

This is a dramatic style parody vid, TF2 style, and also one of my first “proper-quality” gmod vids.

It’s yet to be finished (part 2’s still underway) and the subtitles may be out of pace sometimes (still working on it), but I hope you enjoy it. Feedback/comments would be appreciated, I tried to go for something different here and I hope it pays off.

Media tagged it for you.

That was…funny



Can you elaborate your comments a bit more rather than just posting smilies? And what exactly makes my post dumb? Did you even like the vid at all, what was bad/good about it? I’m getting a total lack of feedback here, and you’re not really helping.

It was pretting boring especialy during the big battle scene.

Just ragdolls being posed doing nothing, except during the main parts where you had too.