Team Fortress 2 Drop System Simulator STool

This STool simulates the Team Fortress 2 Drop System in Garry’s Mod. Starting with one click, it keeps continuing rolling the dices until you’ve got the first hat (Every 15430 seconds a chance of 3.5714% for a hat, every 25 minutes a chance of 25% for an unlockable item).
Instead of calculating your chance, it simulates the Drop System exactly like in TF2. The only difference is the time. You will get your hat in one frame (far less than one second).
After “dropping the hat”, you can read the statistics of the progress. It contains the amount of rolled dices (how many times the chance has been tried), the time you would have needed for it and the items you would have got in the meanwhile.

NOTE: Of course you won’t get the hats in TF2. It’s GMod, not TF2. It’s a simulator, not a hack. Also, it can’t predict your drop history.

Use this for fun, to test your own luck or to research the drop system.

Team Fortress 2 (You can use it without TF2, too. But you can’t spawn the models then)

*How to add:
Put the ‘tf2DropSystemSimulatorSTool’ folder to ‘…\Steam\steamapps\YOURNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons’.

*How to use:
Primary fire: Simulate the drop system to the next hat.

Tool settings:
Spawn hat: If checked, the hat will appear as a prop.
Spawn items: If checked, the items will appear as props (ATTENTION: May crash on weak computers, on average 100 props will be spawned at the same time).
Display items: If checked, details about the items that you’ve gained, will be printed to the console.
Nocollide items: The spawned items will collide only with the world. Suggested for weak computers.

For more information look at the pictures above.

This was done with browser game

download button doesn’t work.

Yes. I wrote the STool just for my fun. Because it was rotting on my PC, I thought to release it anyways.

Oh, my bad. Fixed.