Team Fortress 2 Fights, + Bonus
A heavy Mourns his fallen best friend. The Ultimate opportunist takes advantage.
Opposites Collide
Someone is gonna swim with the fishies. GET IT? IT’S A PUN. TURBO PUN
“Bitches be crazy if they think they can lay a finger on my butter finger.”
“TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO KNOW.” “… I ain’t sayin’ shit.”

A comic me 'n a buddy made.
ORLY? (click this)

please, use filesmelt…


Eh? If you’re to lazy to click things to see them in their full size, don’t bother posting.

Thumbnails are for losers.

Pirates are for losers. Good Sir.

Dude your posing sucks except for that water one, its pretty cool. and Gmans pretty funny, what photo editor you use?

Right, forgot to say, Mr. Khan here posed the water one.

me likey the one where they are underwater

thank you

<_< Whateva.

yeah i win