Team Fortress 2 first picture pack

These are my poses from the Team Fortress 2 game. It took me hours for some because the rag dolls collide with the world and messes it up and I’m a NEWB. I expect every single picture to be heavily criticized and i also would like suggestion regarding posing, environment, quality etc.
I’ve enhanced the quality of the pictures a little with the JPG Enhancer program because it was simple to use. I would appreciate if someone could tell me a better way to improve the quality of the pictures.

Meet the blue and red team

Critical Error

Demo ambush

Engi shopping

Heavy boxing

Heavy rugby


Red campfire

Soldier formation

Spy caught sapping

Spy surrounded by sentries

To the top

I also have Half Life 2, CSS and simple Garry’s mod pictures in production.

You really gotta improve your posing, and turn jpeg quality to 100. Otherwise, pretty good.

Some very good ideas here, but the quality of your pictures let this down. Including the posing in most of the pictures.

btw put your picture links between these instead