Team Fortress 2 Flamethrower

Update version 1.1
-Fixed bug where helibombs would fly out of the weapon on certain servers (thanks Lyoko774!)
-Weapon can no longer shoot through entities
-Weapon can no longer damage entities under water
-Added random spread to flame projectile trajectory
-Added options for minimum and maximum damage
-Improved the way certain sounds are handled

A port of the pyro’s flamethrower from Team Fortress 2. Like it says in the readme, it works pretty much like the real deal:
-Ignites on contact
-Does more damage the closer you are
-Shoots ‘physically simulated’ particle projectiles (i.e. floating invisible helibombs)
-All the same models, sounds, effects, etc.

The ‘trick’ to it is that it parents an info_particle_system to the viewmodel and uses the muzzle for a parent attachment. Besides that, it’s basically the same as any other flamethrower SWEP.

Here’s a video:

No models, sounds, or textures are included in this download, so of course you’ll need to have TF2 installed to use it.

As always, I don’t care if devs use any of the code as long as they give credit where it’s due.

Happy flaming!

Wow, that looks awesome. Downloaded!


Some one reported it :frowning:

Yeah, it was really wierd too. It got reported before I could even finish editing the description. Probably got reported the instant I uploaded it. It’s like someone is watching me on, waiting for me to upload something so he can report it…


Awesome! As always :v:.

Awesome, a screen shaking feature would be nice but this is probably exactly like the flamethrower from TF2. Critical hits?

Now make the flames contagious!

Why flame this glorious SWep? :v:



Maybe they reported it because it could cause heart attacks because it so awesome and they were just thinking of the safety of the community?

Anyway as that previous comment suggested this is awesome.

Good job! I tried doing this but I couldn’t get it to parent right.

That happens sometimes, the instant you upload something it just gets instantly reported. Though I think it’s a site bug, since I removed my file 7 times and reuploaded it 7 times, there’s no way anyone could have timing that perfect.

What the hell?
This seems to only happen if I have a high FPS, but if I have like 30 FPS, it works great.
Oh, I’m playing on my dedicated server…could that be why? Gonna try it in single player in a minute.
Yeah, it’s because I was playing online. Apparently it doesn’t work very well online, I guess…

That’s quite impressive. Nice.

Awesome! I was waiting for a new one instead of the one that made it look like I was pissing out fire!

Sniff sniff Smell that? Smells like toasted zombie!
Love it!

Very nice, downloading…

Yes, i’ve always wanted this! I already have one but it is crappy, long story short. Lua king!

Same thing on the Builders’ Lounge dedicated server, you can clearly see the heli-bombs flying out of it, they disappear at the end of the flame tongue.

Anyone know what might be causing this? This is the only problem, everything else is grand. Wondering if there’s something I can edit in the code to fix it.

Love it, nice work…but there should be a warning to “Be careful”…I accedently burned all the friendly NPCs following me…whoops…he, he, he. :wink:

About time someone got this working. Well done. :slight_smile: