Team-Fortress 2 gamemode



Hey guys,
I’ve been working on this for quite a long while now, and I thought it was about time to make a thread about it.
Well, the gamemode is basically a recreation of tf2 in gmod. Why am I doing this? Well, mostly out of boredom. But I’m planning to add some gameplay modes (like CTF, etc) which aren’t in the original game. (If anyone has some ideas feel free to post them.) Furthermore I’m planning to add that you can use the TF2 classes in the sandbox gamemode.
Anyways, what I’ve done so far is the basic gameplay, the CTF gamemode, all of the SWEPs (except for the unlockables) and some more. I already released the SWEPs and the engineer buildings seperately, mostly because that is the easiest way to find all the bugs, so I can fix them for the release of the gamemode.


[ul][li]Weapons: 85%[/li][li]HUD: 80%[/li][li]Gameplay: 30%[/li][li]Players/classes: 55%[/li][/ul]

Planned Gamemodes:
[ul][li]Capture the flag[/li][li]Control Point/Territorial Control[/li][li]Payload[/li][li]Arena[/li][li]Some kind of zombie gamemode?[/li][/ul]

There’s still a lot to do, but I think I can make a server with the CTF gamemode soon.

If you have any suggestions please tell them, that’s the main purpose of this thread. I need ideas for new gamemodes in particular, but I’m open for anything else too.

In all honestly silverlan, the only reason there should be a tf2 alike gamemode wouldbe for a player versus npc invasion, there is no “real” needs to remake the gamemode from the original, it’ll just be buggier, laggier, and probably unbalanced (because lua can’t be the exact same as the original weapons…)

But good work making it this far… Hats off…
Like I’ve said, I personally think you should just stick with making original gamemodes, not remake the tf2 ones.

EDIT: Why can’t you make it so when we spawn a SWEP (not speaking about the gamemode, about the sweps you released) it gives you the apropriate model & animations?

Good work so far indeed. But I’d also like to see Players using TF2 classes versus Npc invasion (Blu npcs(Aye next to impossible)/zombie thing etc.) and/or Zombie mode where Red team is human and blu team is zombie (Blu uses melee and has bigger health)

But would be this then “poor players TF2” or do you need TF2 to play this?

That’s where it’s pretty stupid to remake the tf2 gamemodes IMO… You need tf2 to play this on Gmod.

The advantage in Gmod is that you can modify TF2’s gameplay with this gamemode in all sorts of ways, like re-adding those weapons you saw in the beta trailers.
You can’t have nailguns and tranquilizers in TF2 now can you?

And this looks amazing. Quick question though, are you able to put up faceposes on those player models?

Could you add some kind of offense/defense gamemode?

Hmm seems nice, I will wait with anticipation =D

I would say go for a Portal gamermode, I always thought a multiplayer form of it would be nice

Portal gamemode with portal guns are impossible.

Mahalis made one.

Best of luck

Wow! Player models too? Awesome!

Looking Nice, LUA King’d

Which would destroy the already fragile balance in the game…

Holy shit, that’s awesome. Will you have the unlockable weapons in it aswell?

Or you could, you know, fix the already fragile balance in TF2 with this gamemode.

I think you could go very far with this. “GF2” :slight_smile: .

Make a wide range of weapons and you might as well call yourself the king of this forum.

There can only ever be one king. If there were 2 he’d ban you.

The reason I’m waiting for this is to see how it turns out and the customizability out of it. I could add anything. :dance:

I’m confused, Why would I want to play this if it needs TF2 to play… I can just play TF2 instead…

The gamemode isn’t being made FOR YOU, It’s being made for the OP more than anything.

FYI, there are materials for the class selection screen and the team selection screen, so you could use them and add sounds when you put your mouse on them and it would be more like TF2.

Also, the thing that shows how many stickybombs are down in the picture overlaps the intel notifier.

Also, will it track dominations and other things and have a zoom in on players that kill you?