Team Fortress 2 - Indepth Weapon Model

I really couldn’t think of any other way to describe it in the thread title…

What I mean is that is it possible to model:

[ul]A Huntsman without the arrow in it, and another with the bowstring pulled back?[/ul]

[ul]A Flaregun opened, like during the reload animation?[/ul]

[ul]Separate KGB Gloves, one left, and one right?[/ul]

[ul]The Force-a-Nature in it’s reloading state?[/ul]

[ul]Any Engineer Building in process of building (Like half-way)[/ul]
I don’t think pics are neccessary, as anyone who plays TF2 know what all the requested models would look like.

If there is something already out there like this (Please tell me where), or if it’s impossible (which I seriously doubt), then just disregard this thread and give me some hobo-housing materials.

If not and is do-able, I greatly appreciate if someone could give it a try.

I’ve done the KGB gloves, needs a release though, and the huntsman without an arrow is already exists as a body group. I could try some of the others, but the best person to ask would be Bloocobalt.

Thanks for the info. Hope you get to releasing that model.

Also, bump.