Team Fortress 2 model- Mr. Foster

Created over the course of a few days, Mr. Foster, complete for use in TF2 poses.

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** Credits:

Me- Textures and idea
Valve- Spy and Foster items
Srgt. Shotup for hacking them together, and being a nice enough guy to do my stuff.**

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3 skins:


Somewhat bloody.

Axe murderer**

Awesome work :buddy:

Nice,will download it now. :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t it have been much easier to simply spawn a spy and put the mask on his head :v

But this has 3 fancy skins and a posable tie.

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Plus that wouldnt work that well.

Cool !

Nicely done. claps

I also forgot to mention that the area around the original tie from the spy, and the undervest, are all leveled out so its only the dress shirt.

Holy shit this is amazing.

This is wonderful.