Team Fortress 2 Models

Hi !

I would like to ask if there is any possibility of getting Team Fortress 2 models to 3d modelers like max, or if you know any sites that provide those models.


You have to decompile them.

Hmmmm seems like i have a problem with that…
when i put exe file in the “…/SteamApps/sourcesdk/bin” directory it gives me error:

“Couldnt find procedure Q_AppendSlash in library vstdlib.dll” (sorry if that doesnt match with others error, i tried to translate it from my language :p)

i read that this program need Half-Life 2 dll’s so i tried put it in the Half-Life 2 bin directory, program worked(wohoo…) but after i click “Choose Model File” i gives me another error:

“Extra App ID set to 211, but no SteamAppId”

on the side note, please dont write “read tutorials on google”, im reading
this thing here

but it doesnt say anything about problems i encountered.

I think you have to untoggle the bottom checkbox, I think it says something about using steam.


Yeah, untoggle “Use Steam File Index”.

Yep that was it :slight_smile:
Now i have last problem(i hope -.-’)

i selected mdl i want to decompile “C:\Documents and Settings\Pajro\Pulpit\MODEL\c_medigun.mdl”
i set E drive as Output Directory but after i click extract it gives me this error:

“Unable to load model”

im not sure if its me who screwed something, or model is just not-decompilable
any ideas ?


i have read, that i have to change dot in the first line of the code, in front of the IDST word with comma but i dont have it xd
i have IDST0, and changing it to , lead to another error(more specifically, decompiler crash.) in decompiler :confused:

Did you change it to IDST, or just ,?


I found why TF2 weapon models, don’t want to cooperate with me…(i guess…)
Dude who wrote that tutorial about decompiling warned that TF2 models are hard/impossible to decompile, because the decompiler is outdated…

So yeah, thank for your help guys, i already decompiled Dystopia models, without problems :stuck_out_tongue:

little question for good end… how do you convert smd/qc files to something “open-able” with 3ds ? xd


okay i figured it by myself, thanks for your help


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You have to use XVI32 to change the IDST0 to IDST,

XVI32 or another hex editor

Or notepad.

No, notepad++. It’s people like you that do the misleading and model ruining.

Also, get the SMD importer for Max from