Team Fortress 2 Moments you'll recognize

Haven’t done all 9 classes, but here are the ones we enjoy most probably!

Hearing the critical hit sound when you axtinguish a burning enemy.

You uncloak behind them, no-one is looking at you, and you enjoy backstabbing all of them.

One medic ubercharges you and suddenly another medic does the same thing making you invulnerable ánd making you shoot crits.

Waiting for the next wave of people running into your sentry’s fire while you’re dealing with the annoying spy that keeps coming back.

Shooting crockets at a squad of enemies making them all explode in a rain of gibs!

The oh so juicy headshot spree!

Yeah… sigh

Some of the editing is a bit weird, so is some of the posing, but the rest is great.


Have a wood, matey.

Fucking ace!

Yeah, some of the blood is too light for example, but i tried to get the tf2 effects in it, not really adding realism. If that’s what you mean.

You’re becoming pretty good at this.

Nice shots. Spy leg pose is pretty damn weird though.

Great camera angles, posing, composition and depth-of-field. I love your editing in of the TF2 effects, especially the red crit haze coming from the axe in the first picture. Some of the blood editing is odd though.

this just about sums up what the classes do in just about any game.
nicely done.

Pyro pose looks fucking amazing.

Ya forgot the Kritz piece on the Kritzkrieg, it is required you know. :science:
The editing is freaking amazing, have a palette.
If I could give you 2 I would.

Oeh! Damn, indeed. Good eyes.

All of them are great, except the soldier’s.

Oh and set the medigun’s bodygroup to 1 to hide the stiff tube.

Oh yeah, i never thought about it like that. Woa, bad me. I always thought when spawning it in gmod it was like, i have no idea. Part of the gun. :stuck_out_tongue:


the only thing bugging me is the mediguns
when you use this,while looking at them,type this in the console:
ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 1
that should get rid of the tube at the back of the gun

The Engie pic is the best IMO.

any way we can get a tutorial for the sweet blood-trails?

The first two screens, the blood seems pretty excessive, but i still like the streamy effects of them

Those are saved and the sniper is my new background.
Fucking amazing work.

Rad stuff man!


  • Last picture, right side.
  • The red haze.


  • Posing is good.
  • DOF is good.
  • Lots of stuff is good.

The blood looks really strange.