Team Fortress 2 Originals: Good Ol' Boy

Now in way better editing!

  • This comic was in development before the Engineer Update, so that’s why the Engineer is playing a different guitar.
  • Due to Facepunch’s (and every other image hosting site) size restraints, I had made the comic in a series of pages for more easy reading and access.
  • If you’ve been on the internet long enough, then you’ll know that the Frog picture means “Get out.”
  • The reason why the dialogue is mostly in pictures is because I can’t see this comic with words (with the exception of the yellow boxes.)
  • To get the Pyro’s guitar for Garry’s Mod and For TF2.
  • At first, I planned to release this with the Engie Update, but I got too lazy. So I then waited for the Polycount Winners Announcement. Then I forgot, so I said, “Fuck it.” and released it today.

Oh god, this is a flawless victory.

Ah this is great! Another reason to love the Pyro.

That is really really well posed and perfectly made. :slight_smile:


This is much better than your calvin and hobbes comic to be honest.

I love it, especially the editing. Got to love the wierd sim-like symbol language they have.

I enjoyed that! Great Job!

i still don’t get the i love you axe blu thing.

Great TF2 comic, great stuff.

I think it means: I love you axing BLUs or something among that line.