Team Fortress 2 Originals: Pyro & Bear

A new Gamic revolving around a Pyro & a Bear named Steve. Cause the name Steve must be applied to every talking animal on the planet.

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Author’s Notes:

  • Idea came from the Pyro’s beanie. The beanie is a kids hat and the hat somehow traced to this gamic idea.
  • Yes, a reference to the Jarate comic and my Servers characters.
  • I had to go to an Australian slang website just to make the Sniper more authentic
  • The relationship is indeed a quite obvious one. The Pyro is an enemy against the Spy and the Snipers and the Engie are the main targets for the Spy. So that is why the Sniper & the Engie are friendly toward the Pyro.
  • The cover page is the 2nd time I showed the entire Bravo team. The first time is in the Medigun Abuse cover. Why are they fishing for Heavies cannot be explained.
  • References to Sunday paper comics are: Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side, and Garfield.
  • The reason that the Heavy didn’t had his Football Helmet during Lunch time is because who eats while wearing a hat? That’s so unformal (and so is cutting up imaginary hamburgers with an axe).
  • The toilet joke is from Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series. Apologies to LittleKuriboh.
  • The Americans Win joke is kinda taken from Xanatos’ Source Wars The Hidden vs. Day of Defeat: Source video. Apologies to the group and anyone else associated with the video.
  • This is in fact my last Video Games Original Gamic for the Summer. I’m now going to focus on Servers Season 3 and that only.

Stay tuned NEXT week for Servers Season 3 after nearly 1 year of no Servers.

Entertaining comic.
There are some flaws with hands while holding objects.

Good comic man. Awesome as always.

I love it.

Nice comic, one of my new time favs.

ace comic, keep makin’.

That was one crazy-ass comic.

Hahaha, that comic was really great!

Aww love that Calvin & Hobbes reference!

And they alll lived happily ever after…
…the end.

Nice one, really nice.

I loved it, brilliant work right there dude.

just brilliant , great work mate keep it up

Epic comic.

Posing could have been better in some frames but who cares because the plot is awesome.

:3 now go make a demomon and the sea monsta XD

What the… everyone got polite and friendly vote…

Awesome! I loved the little Calvin and hobbes refrence with the mine cart.

If any of you guys care about Bonus Features and some of my commentary behind the comic, then here it is.

Bonus Features:

  • I had taken some screenshots while constructing the scenes because the poses or/and expressions looked funny. You can use them for whatever. They’re all in 1680x1050 because I’m too lazy to resize them.
    The American Marine with the U.S flag.[/media]
I took a screenshot when I was making the screenshot where the Scout surprised the Medic. I thought the expression was priceless, so I was planning to make a spray that was aimed next to Snipers in-game, but I got too lazy.

  • A deleted scene was taken where the Pyro & Steve landed in the water (this was after Steve said something about RED team and dinner) and the Pyro meets the Bravo team from my other comic, Servers. I thought it was dumb and people like Rambo_6 would say something about it. So I removed it and the pose later ended up in a later scene. lololol, still, Rambo_6 is going to say something.


“sup” =D

Perfect Calvin & Hobbes reference. I loved the comic.