Team Fortress 2 Originals - Screenie Stories

Screenie Stories is a screenshot accompanied with a short story. These are set within my TF2O universe comic series. You can find past comics here.

  • Most of these were posted back in August in that Want to Post a Picture But Don’t Want to Make a Thread thread, but since I’m considering on making a lot more of these and I want to keep the content snuggled in one place, might as well make a thread for this.
  • Depending whether this is successful or not, I could make more very soon.
  • You’re always free to criticize my posing, but what I’m looking for is criticism on the writing.
  • Screenie Stories is another way to bring out some new content in a quicker time. I spend about nearly a year on and offing making comics. This is better.
  • I try to approach these by not making the comics mandatory to read. Yeah, you won’t get why there’s a Pyro and bear together, but whatever.