Team Fortress 2 payload maps in Garry's Mod.

You have Team Fortress 2 and loaded its content into Garry’s Mod and start to play its payload maps. No matter what you do, you just can’t move the cart. How do you move it?

In TF2, the cart is an entity. You would have to make a lua payload entity, delete the original prop, and place the new entity.

Is there one on workshop?

No, and it’d be quite hard to make one since you would somehow have to find the cart pathing used by the map

I don’t think you’d have to delete the original prop or go crazy with path finding. Isn’t the cart based on a func_tracktrain? Maybe I’m dumb.

I thought TF2 used something special for carts that included some kind of decay (cart falling backwards when not being pushed). I will look again

The cart is a func_tracktrain and it follows path_track around.
Also why not just play TF2 if you wanna push the cart?

Another thing to note is that it only moves for the correct Team, so you would need some kind of “tag” for it to allow you to push it. Not sure how to integrate that with Lua (if it can be done without editing how the cart is set up).