Team Fortress 2 player models

Team Fortress 2 is awesome, and we should be able to have them as player models. Is anyone willing to make them? The gmod community would greatly appreciate it.

I’m wrong. Look at the posts below.

Your absolutely correct.

Or if I look the posts below me and Butthurter. :v:

Actually if you just renamed the sequences and animations from tf2 that correspond with those same actions in gmod, and re-compiled, the model would more then likely work just fine as a player model. He just wouldn’t be able to hold anything but tf2 weapons.

If you were to rename the weapon attachment bones i’m sure it could hold normal weapons as well.

Yeah, those methods would work well. I hope someone will soon get the determination to do these things. Or we can just wait until garry does it in a few years or so.

If he does, that is. Hope he does.

True, but without the proper holding animations they would NOT hold them correctly, they would merely be stuck to their hand instead of coming from the crotch.

And at the same time, the tf2 weapons would stop working.

Maybe change the holding methods of the TF2 weapons.

TF2 Models being difficult to pose have nothing to do with noboby releasing a TF2 Model Pack.

Look at the screenshot below, it reasonably well posed.

It is because those copyright f**ks will be spamming threads with copyright blah blah the moment someone release a Team Fortress 2 package.

I clearly recall 75% of the DOA/ DOM Models Threads are those spammer spamming about copyrights and stuff. Hell, the reason why PHW is such a terrible place for new models is because they are very zealous with supposed copyrights.

That made no sense whatsoever.
You clearly don’t understand how creating a playermodel works.

Is anyone willing to do this? Anyone at all?

Can’t somone just make something to Alter than Animations that run through the playermodel to the TF2 ones, when a TF2 Model is selected?

That’d require a good programmer, and I haven’t seen one in this thread yet…

I’m currently doing a different project. But i would love to try this out using my above method later on with the Pyro.

Mind you though, only the Pyro’s weapons will work correctly with this player-model if i do it. But it would be helpful for videos and tf2 style fights, right?

I might actually have a go at doing this as well.

I understand how a models and playermodel works. Models/ Ragdolls are made up of a series of 6 model files such as the phy and the mdl file along with the material files.

You, on the other hand, seems to be unfamiliar with how people think and post on Facepunch. There is always the few copyright fanatics spamming about copyrights and stuff everytime someone release a model ripped from other games. Rather they are for player models or just ragdolls, people always whine about copyrights and stuff.

This is from an experienced I once had with the mods on this forum. Shortly after DoD2 was released, I made a thread about how I was able to rip models from DoD2 onto GMod. Even though I didn’t upload anything, I got myself a two months ban as a result.

It is replies like yours that stopped me from visiting Facepunch for a while. I am getting a little sick of the few voice of reasons being drowned by the mass of idiotcracy.

You are fully entitled to your opinion. However, I still stand by my belief that it is pressure from copyright fanatics that stopped people from working on a TF2 model/ player model pack. I wish for a debate. Following your libel, I don’t think I am in the mood to continue reading this thread.

Good on ya, dude.

No, no, no.
I care not about your copyright bull.
You don’t understand that posing a ragdoll has nothing to do with making a playermodel, playermodels are scripted, using the bones and attachment bones of weapons to animate them so the player can use them.
I also think you misunderstand the difference between ragdolls and playermodels, you PLAY as a playermodel and POSE a ragdoll.

And about the copyright, that’s because warez is BANNABLE.

co-op hl2 as demoman/sniper would be nice:)

Yeah, that’d rock.